Shuji Seki
Shuji Seki
Personal Status
Status Alive
Professional Status
Occupation Student (Formerly)
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 2




He was once a student in University R., while at university in a reaction to a rape committed by one his classmates at the beginning of the year. He posted a tweet which would caused a scandal. His tweet was spread through various social networks and even making it abroad. The company that had planned to employ him after his studies, were forced to cancel their promise of employment. After arriving home from work one day, he noticed man outside his house. The man told him he was a lawyer, who had claimed he was a special defamation on the internet, since he had big problems. Believing his proposal, he enters the lawyers car, only to be tazed from behind. Later on, he wakes up tied up and naked, and suffers a sex toy being forced into him from behind.[1]


Shuji is interviewed by police at a local dinner, were he nervously says it's now the police that's interested in him. Erika Yoshino asks him if he was kidnapped, to which he describes the details of the event. When she asks about the "horrible things", he becomes embarrassed and tries to avoid answering. Encouraged not to be embarrassed, he questions how to explain it, and reveals he had a sex toy forced in to him. Angered Shuji claims not only didn’t they protect him but in addition he’s being made fun of. He asks the police officers if they can imagine the nightmare he’s living, questioning why he even deserved it. Erika tells him since he followed the “lawyer” without asking questions, he was looking for it. Unhappy Shuji slams his hand on the table and informing Erika he’s leaving instantly. Erika then questions his earlier, about dealing with a big man, asking did he not give him the impression to have padded his clothes to seem bigger. He tells her if anything didn't seem natural, he would have noticed and his arms were plump. Shuji then walks out of the dinner protecting his butt.[1]


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