Shota Masuyama
Shota Masuyama
Personal Status
Status Alive
Professional Status
Occupation Civilian
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 1




Shota is introduced chewing on his finger, after doing so he clicks on the Twitter app on his iPhone. He sends out a tweet informing people "police search right now" and takes a photo. Erika Yoshino tells him he has taken enough photos, and informs him he is accused of uploading video games illegally, copyright infringement and distribution rights. Shota claims she is being irrational and he hasn't stolen or anything. Erika tells him it doesn't stop him from receiving a fair amount of pocket money from the advertisements which he posted everywhere on his website, she then points a to pile of PSP's and claims not to mention the freebies. Shota tells her he never asked for them, they are thank you gifts from his fans. He's just being gracious to developers, Erika then questions gracious. He tells her exactly, free advertisement. He claims if the games good people are happy to buy it, and do they know people thank him on message boards all over the internet. If he wasn't around sales would drop even more. It's the developers fault if people don't pay, as they should make better games. Erika tells him maybe he is right, but fact is when they file a compliment they're more than happy to help. He questions since when are the police working for video game developers. Shota claims it's because the developers spend all time whining about rights, they're being taken over by foreign company's. If they spent more time improving their products and less complaining. Frankly Japanese games are all owacon. Shota tells him to take a look at his twitter, as he bets he is getting flooded with support, as everyone thinks like him. Shocked that everyone has turned their back on him, Shota begins to cry. Overcome with emotion he claims he doesn't understand and their all bastards. Erika tells him it's only 45 billion they want and before long he'll receive a claim for damages and interest from the developers. The Anti-Cybercrime Department then leaves with Erika wishing him good luck, he then collapses on the floor.[1]


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