Matsumo Shinchi
Matsumo Shinchi
Hair Colour Black
Personal Status
Status Alive
Professional Status
Occupation Police Senior Inspector, Anti-Cyber Terrorism Director
Affiliation Police; Anti-Cybercrime Department
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 9

Matsumo Shinchi is a inspector who is the Anti-Cyber Terrorism Director




Matsumo Shinchi is introduced in conversation with Erika Yoshino and Takagi Kotaro. After Erika requests the usage of 300 officers, he claims the suspect may have gave them the time, but he didn't say he would use a net cafe what proof does she have he will use a net cafe. He claims if they use that many resources and come empty handed, they'll be in trouble with the brass. Erika tells both him and Takagi she is willing to wager her carer on this. Matsumo says she doesn't have to go that far. Matsumo later goes uncover at Tokyo Pitboy disguised as a customer, as part of the police operation to catch Paperboy.[1]


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